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Corporate / Workplace investigations

Corporate fraud and theft cost Canadian companies millions of dollars every year. In addition, financial losses, workplace theft and fraud also have a hidden cost in time spent conducting internal investigations, dealing with regulatory and law enforcement authorities, and repairing damage to the company’s reputation and credibility.

Suspicious or unethical behaviour can occur in any organisation and most employers are not equipped to conduct workplace investigations which could have serious or even criminal implications.

Platinum Investigation can discreetly uncover facts to help organisations make sound, effective choices. With the use of covert and physical surveillance we will provide factual and reliable documentation that can be used to support management actions.

We use a variety of methods to determine whether fraud or theft has occurred, identify the perpetrator, located missing funds and possible ways to recover them. We can recommend ways to protect from further issues and assist in reviewing policies to prevent further incidents.

Workerplace safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

When an individual fraudulently claims for WSIB or exaggerates the extent of their injury there can be long term cost implications for the organisation. Reduced productivity, time away from the workplace, increased premiums for the employers are just some of the issues faced.

Platinum Investigation insurance fraud investigators are trained to unobtrusively investigate and collect valuable information you need about suspicious claims and the individuals who may be abusing the system.

Investigators will conduct surveillance at the most suitable and appropriate day and time including early morning, evenings and weekends, depending on the usual habits of the individual. The aim of the investigation will be to monitor the activities of the individual and provide the client with a full and objective report.

Insurance Fraud

Platinum Investigation can conduct thorough and comprehensive investigations to assist in the prevention and detection of fraudulent insurance claims. Our team of highly trained and experienced investigators will conduct investigate the legitimacy of the claim, documenting all factual evidence necessary to identify fraud


Platinum Investigation's team of investigators are highly trained and experienced in a variety of surveillance techniques. The aim is to keep a person, place or vehicle under physical or technical observation in order to obtain information or evidence pertinent to the investigation.

Surveillance can be conducted over a short period of time (hours) or over longer periods (days or even weeks) Platinum Investigation will assess the requirements and deploy appropriate staff and techniques. The client will always be kept informed and regular contact will be maintained to update the client with the latest information throughout the period of surveillance.

Trace and Locate

Platinum Investigation is able to trace and locate individuals using a wide range of information sources and databases.


Based in the Ottawa region Platinum Investigation provides services throughout
Eastern Ontario (highlighted in blue.)

We will however work with clients to establish if it is cost effective to operate in the remaining areas within Ontario.

Platinum Investigation offers a comprehensive range of P.I. services to both citizens and corporate clients, including insurance companies, law firms and private and financial institutions.

Platinum Investigation is a registered Member of Professional Investigators Ontario (CPIO).

Our Team of skilled and highly-trained investigators draws on a wealth of expertise. We offer services in both French and English.

We offer a no-charge, no-obligation risk assessment before we start any investigation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does a Private investigator do ?

A. Generally speaking a private investigator is hired to obtain  information regarding the identity, habits, conduct, activity, movements, whereabouts, affiliations, transactions, reputation or character of any person or group of persons. A private investigator may also conduct investigations regarding the credibility of witnesses, the whereabouts of missing persons, the location or recovery of stolen property.

Q. What happens when I contact Platinum Investigation to initiate an assignment ?

A. We will schedule a free consultation at a location that is most convenient to you. During this consultation Platinum Investigation will review of the specifics of the case, explain the investigative process, identify possible outcome and answer any questions.

Q. How much does an investigation cost ?

A. We will provide you with a fee schedule during the free consultation.  We will always work within your agreed budget and will advise you during the course of the investigation should the complexity of the investigation require that we review the budget.

Q. What happens when I contact Platinum Investigation to initiate an assignment?

A. We will schedule a free consultation at a location that is most convenient to you. During this consultation Platinum Investigation will review of the specifics of the case, explain the investigative process, identify possible outcome and answer any questions.

Q. How am I kept up to date with the progress of investigation?

A. We will provide regular reports to you so that you are informed of progress to date and costs involved.

Q. How can I be sure of confidentiality?

A. We are governed by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) . You can be sure that any information you supply us and indeed anything we uncover during the process of the investigation will be dealt with the utmost confidentiality.

Q. How does Platinum conduct surveillance without being detected?

Our investigators are highly skilled and experienced at surveillance. Whilst stationery surveillance can be carried out by one investigator, we may depending on the circumstances and with the client's authority use one or two investigators on the investigation.

Q. How do I contact Platinum Investigation?

A. We are available 24/7. You can call us at (613) 978-7822
or email us at


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